3 WordPress Plugins To Duplicate Your Pages And Posts

3 WordPress Plugins To Duplicate Your Pages And Posts

It seems like such an essential feature to be able to duplicate your pages and posts, yet it’s not part of the core functionality within WordPress. I have tested numerous duplication plugins through my many years of using WordPress, and I’ve chosen the 3 best plugins that cover duplicating posts and pages.

The best plugin for duplicating pages and posts in a simple way is the plugin Duplicate Page and Post. Install and activate it, and then you’ll be able to duplicate both posts and pages. You can change the settings to customise your workflow of duplicating posts and pages.

The reason why duplicating pages and posts is excellent is for saving time. We often write in the same format when we write content, and we want to keep a common thread throughout our content.

We can quickly achieve this by duplicating our pages instead of copying and pasting every single text block.

Plugin 1: Duplicate Page and Post

This is my favourite plugin, and I use this myself. It’s super simple to set up and allows you to duplicate posts and pages.

In the left menu, hover on plugins and click on Add New. In the top right corner, search for Duplicate Page and Post. Click Install on the first plugin you see, and hereafter activate. To duplicate a post, click on posts in the menu and, hover over the post you want to duplicate, then click duplicate.

You have now duplicated your first page, and the same goes for pages. Click on pages in the left menu, then hover on the page you wish to duplicate and press duplicate.

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Suppose you wish to change the settings for the duplicated post, such as status, editor or redirect after duplicate. You can hover over settings in the left menu and press for Duplicate post. Here you can switch the editor between Gutenberg and the classic editor. You can change the status of the duplicated post and page.

Lastly, you can choose where you want to end up after pressing duplicate. Either you’ll end up on the overview of your posts or pages. Or you can choose to be sent directly into editing.

Plugin 2: Duplicate Post

Now, if you wish to have more control over what elements are being duplicated, then Duplicate Post is the right plugin for you.

In the left menu, hover on plugins and click add new. Search for Duplicate posts and install and activate the plugin by Copy Delete Posts. Now you can go to posts and duplicate them. This plugin does not allow you to duplicate pages.

With this plugin, you can choose what elements should be duplicated, such as title, content, slug excerpt etc. – This gives you extreme control over your duplication of posts.

With Duplicate Post, you can duplicate multiple times with one click. You can make custom duplicate profiles if you only want certain elements duplicated for posts and different elements duplicated for posts.

Lastly, they have some premium features where you can automatically delete duplicates and add redirects. However, these premium features are not necessary at all to use the plugin. You can use manual cleanup to delete duplicates.

This plugin also supports duplicating custom post types created by any other plugin. So, for example, it would be staff pages, unique user pages, pages generated by WooCommerce, and posts generated by third-party plugins.

Plugin 3: Duplicate Page

This plugin is very similar to the first plugin yet very popular, downloaded more than 2 million times and is super simple to use.

In the menu, hover on plugins and click add new. In the top right search for Duplicate Page and install and activate the plugin by mndpsingh287. You can never head over to your posts or pages, hover on the post/page you want to duplicate, and click “Duplicate this.

Like the other plugins, there are some simple settings where you can set the default editor, status of the duplicated page and post. In addition, you can set the redirect after duplicating and then the suffix as well.

This plugin both looks and works very similar to the first plugin. However, it has more reviews and is being used by more people. There isn’t a big difference between using this plugin and the first plugin mentioned. They both work perfectly for the use case of duplicating posts and pages.


What happens when you duplicate a page in WordPress?

Depending on what plugin you use, then a pure duplicate is made in the database. You get another page identical to the page you duplicated. It will be ready as a draft for you to edit.

How do I fix a duplicate page in WordPress?

Install and activate the plugin Duplicate post. In the menu, click on Copy & Delete Posts. Then click on Delete duplicate posts/pages, press scan, and start deleting the duplicates you don’t want.

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