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Popular WordPress Questions

I’ve collected some of the most questions asked related to WordPress. If your question isn’t here, then you can read the blog.

WordPress is the most agile CMS for websites. You can build anything from a simple business card website to a membership website and even an e-commerce website.

There are 2 types of hosting. General web hosting and managed WordPress hosting. If you’re new or your website doesn’t require many resources, choose any web hosting service. However, if your WordPress website requires resources, then I can only recommend going with a managed WordPress hosting like Kinsta.

It really depends on your needs. If you’re building a full-blown business website, you might want to go with Elementor. But if you’re building a content website, then Kadence is incredible.

There is no doubt that WP Rocket is the absolute best WordPress caching plugin. But it’s not free to use. The best free WordPress caching plugin, in my opinion, is WP Fastest Cache because of its effectiveness and simplicity.

This is really based on taste. For me, it’s without a doubt Elementor. It’s the most complete, and you have so many plugins which work with Elementor to expand the functionality. An alternative I like is Zion Builder.

It really depends on your needs. Shopify can be great, but once you start scaling, it becomes super expensive. Whereas with WordPress, you can fully customise it and keep the costs low.

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