about Me

I’m a WordPress enthusiast, and I’ve been following along for 10+ years. I believe it’s a super agile and incredible CMS for websites.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most agile CMS I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot. With WordPress, you can create anything from an e-commerce website to a business card website.

Who am I, what is my background, and why do I share my knowledge about WordPress?

I love to share my knowledge and everything I learn. I do that on my personal YouTube channel as well, where I review SEO tools. And I love to experiment as well and share the results of my experiments.

As soon as I feel someone else can benefit from my learnings, I just want to share and make everyone else better with their craft.

This is me

Here is where you can learn more about me. Right now, I’m the only one writing content on WPenroll.

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Some of my favourite plugins

Here is a collection of my favourite plugins for different use cases. You might know some of them.