How To Connect The WordPress App To My WordPress Website

How To Connect The WordPress App To My WordPress Website

The WordPress app is beautiful and lets you and me customise our WordPress websites on the go. Since the start, the apps have come a long way, and you can edit your posts, pages and much more.

To connect your WordPress app to your WordPress website, you must download the WordPress app for iOS or Android. If it’s the first time you sign in, you simply enter your URL and sign in. If you’ve already added your first website, click on your active website and then the plus icon.

This is a super simple way of doing it, but I want to break it down a bit more with pictures, so let’s get into it.

How To Connect The WordPress App To Your WordPress Website

1. Download the app

Head over to either the App Store or Google Play Store to download the WordPress app. They have made a native app for each OS.

2. Sign in to the app

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be asked to sign into the app. Here you can choose between using your login or entering a website URL.

If your WordPress website is self-hosted elsewhere than WordPress, then you need to choose the latter.

Then you enter your WordPress URL and press continue.

The last step is to enter your admin credentials for your self-hosted website, and then you’re in.

Now if you get the error that the URL you’ve entered is not a WordPress URL. It’s either because the URL you entered is wrong or XML-RPC services are not enabled for your server. If you’re hosting it at a hosting company, then reach out to them and ask them to enable your XML-RPC services. You can sign in briefly after.

sign in wordpress app
enter wordpress url
enter wordpress admin credentials

3. Make your first changes

Once you’re signed in, you can make changes to your posts, pages, and media and even manage comments.

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If you’re using a page builder, it might not work well. But I’m using Gutenberg, for instance, and this allows me to make changes directly in my blog posts and the text on my pages from the app.

It works super smoothly, and I recommend downloading the app as it allows you to make changes on the go.

For each post, you can add blocks, make changes to the category, publish the date, add blocks and much more.

For pages, you can do just the same. For media, you can get an overview of your media uploaded and even make changes to alt text, delete media and much more.

Overall, then it’s super impressive to use, with the number of things you can do, and they’re constantly developing the app. It’s completely free to use.

Sometimes you can experience some issues, such as not loading your images, plugins or pages. I usually close the app and open it again, and it works fine.

wordpress app start screen
wordpress app single media


When I try to add a self-hosted site, I get an “The site at this address is not a WordPress site” error message. What do I do?

This is often because of 2 reasons. Either you’ve entered the URL wrong, or you have an XML-RPC issue.
All you have to do is to enable XML-RPC services on your server. If you’re hosting at a hosting provider, you can ask your host to enable the XML-RPC services and then you can add your website to your WordPress app.

Can I edit my website with WordPress app?

Yes you ca. You can edit both pages and posts using the WordPress app. You can even add and remove blocks if you’re using the Gutenberg editor.

Does the WordPress app work for WordPress org?

Yes it does. It works for both websites and self-hosted WordPress websites.

How do I customize my WordPress site on mobile?

It depends on how you want to customise. If you want to make simple changes, then download the WordPress app, here you can change your pages and posts super simple. You can even work with blocks if you’re using the Gutenberg editor.

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