How To Fix Upload Errors In WordPress (Simple Guide)

How To Fix Upload Errors In WordPress (Simple Guide)

Are you trying to upload an image for your WordPress website but experiencing issues? Don’t worry; sometimes WordPress requires a little extra setup, and I have a simple guide to how you overcome this issue. 9 out of 10 times, it’s because the permissions have not been set correctly in your folder structure.

WordPress Upload Image Permission Error

Connect to your host either using a file manager or FileZilla. Then double-click on the folder wp-content, right-click on the folder uploads and click File permissions. Write 755 in the input field, checkmark recurse to subdirectories, and apply to directories only. Now click OK.

If you want it elaborated with images, simply follow the simple guide below, where I show you using FileZilla, an FTP client that is super easy to use.

Though I will say that your hosting provider can often do this free of charge. Just reach out to them and ask them to do it for you. If you can’t wait and want to do it yourself, then here is a simple guide.

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Fix Uploading Images Error In WordPress With FileZilla

First, we need to head over to FileZilla’s website and download their Client to connect with our server where our WordPress website is hosted.

Next, you need to find your FTP login. This you can find when you sign in to your host where your WordPress website is.

Now when you’re signed into your server, it should look like the image below. Then you simply double-click on the folder wp-content. And then, you right-click on the folder: uploads, and click on the option: File permissions…

filezilla files

With this little window, you just need to write 755 in the numeric value input field. And then make sure you’ve check-marked recurse to subdirectories. Next, you want to move the radio button to: apply to directories only and then press ok.

It will now change the permission in all the folders in the uploads folder and allow WordPress itself to upload files into these folders. This is what has been blocking you from uploading your images to WordPress through the media library.

Note: If you don’t feel comfortable using an FTP client, then using your file manager within your WordPress hosting is also an option. This varies from WordPress hosting to WordPress hosting, but often the support can help you out.

If not, drop a comment below, and I’ll do my best to help you overcome this issue so you can move on and build your WordPress website.

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