WordPress 6.2 Released: Dolphy

WordPress 6.2 Released: Dolphy

With this new Dolphy update, WordPress takes an even closer step to becoming a full site-builder. They’ve added a ton of new features to support this but enhanced and added to existing features as well.

I have already updated all my WordPress websites to 6.2, and you can easily do it yourself as well. Just sign into your WordPress admin area, go to updates and press “Update to 6.2”.

Before you do that, though, I would recommend you take a backup. I’ve written about the 8 best backup plugins you can choose between.

If you wish for an alternative way, maybe your host is supporting this, then I’ve written an article about 3 ways to back up your WordPress website.

No matter what solution you choose, then a backup can easily save you if something should go wrong during the update. You might have a custom setup or some plugins which are not working well with the newest version.

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If this is the case, then I encourage you to disable your plugins to find out which one is causing the problem, and when you’ve found the problem, then write the plugin developers or find an alternative to the plugin.

This is a major update going from 6.1.1 to 6.2, so if some things might break for you, then just follow the steps mentioned. But let’s dive into the complete list of new features.

Complete list of WordPress 6.2 update

  • Meet the reimagined Site Editor
  • Manage your menu in more ways with the Navigation block
  • Discover a smoother experience for the Block Inserter
  • Find the controls you want when you need them
  • Build faster with headers and footers for block themes
  • Explore Openverse media right from the Editor
  • Focus on writing with Distraction Free mode
  • Experience the Site Editor, now out of beta
  • Meet the new Style Book
  • Copy and paste styles
  • Custom CSS
  • Sticky positioning
  • Importing widgets
  • Local fonts in themes

If you want a full explanation of the new features, including beautiful images explaining it, then I’ll recommend you read the news about Dolphy over at WordPress.

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