WordPress 6.1.1 Released Maintenance Release

WordPress 6.1.1 Released: Maintenance Release

If you have auto-update enabled for your WordPress setup, then you’ve received an email stating that your WordPress website has been upgraded to version 6.1.1. This version brings in a total of 50 bug fixes for the core and blog editor.

Usually, after a major release, there will always be a minor release with small bug fixes, and as we had just received the major release for WordPress 6.1 Misha. Then this release was as expected.

When WordPress and any other software firm makes major releases, so many new features are introduced that it is impossible not to introduce bugs. That is why we now get the 6.1.1 Maintenance release.

If you haven’t received the email and wish to update your WordPress website to 6.1.1, then you can read about how to update your WordPress website here.

WordPress 6.1.1 update

If your website crashed due to this update, then remember to roll back to one of your backups. If you’re using a plugin for this, then you can do it through that, or you can contact your hosting provider and ask them for help.

If you haven’t set up automatic backups for your WordPress website, then I will strongly recommend you do it. You can read about it here, where I go through different methods to set up backups for your WordPress website.

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Unless you’ve disabled automatic updates for your WordPress website, this update has happened automatically. If you wish to disable auto updates for your WordPress website in the future, then add the following line of code in your wp-config.php file:

define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false );

Now let’s take a look at what has been fixed in this update, as I’ve collected a complete list of bug fixes.

The next update we will see is another major update 6.2, which will arrive in early 2023.

Complete list of WordPress 6.1.1 update

  • Canonical: Setting a NOT EXISTS tax query in pre_get_posts action triggers a fatal error in wp-includes/canonical.php
  • Editor: Massive (potential) performance issues within get_default_block_editor_settings
  • Editor: Padding within table cells ignored
  • Editor: Creating taxonomy templates for specific terms are wrongly displayed as not found
  • Editor: Separator colors defined using background within theme.json for style variations are ignored
  • Editor: Avoid running unnecessary expensive logic around theme.json parsing for classic themes
  • Editor: Unable to add blocks on WP 6.1 – “+” button in editor shows up only in certain condition
  • Editor: Improve performance of the WP_Theme_JSON class
  • Editor: Merge bugfixes from Gutenberg into Core for WP 6.1.1
  • Editor: Fluid typography fixes for 6.1.1
  • Formatting: Check that the Normalizer class exists in remove_accents()
  • General: Update to get_page_by_title in 6.1 changes WHERE clause
  • I18N: Fatal error when loading translations early due to a DB error with WPLANG set
  • I18N: Always pass $locale to load_textdomain() if we know the locale
  • Media: Featured Image bug in 6.0.3
  • Media: decoding="async" breaks my site
  • Menus: WP 6.1-RC6: menu-item-has-children class is not being applied correctly
  • Post, Post Types: WP 6.1 – get_page_by_title(null) returns a page
  • Query: WP_Query::the_post causes a type warning when querying for ids, not full post objects
  • Query: WP_Query caching discards posts_fields and posts_clauses['fields'] filters.
  • Text Changes: Replace instances of “Full site editing” with “Site editor”
  • Themes: register_block_core_template_part does WP_Query even on themes that do not support it
  • Themes: WP_Theme_JSON_Resolver::get_user_data_from_wp_global_styles call to WP_Query incorrect.
  • Themes: Twenty Twenty-Three: visited state of button links use the incorrect text color
  • Themes: Reduce usage of wp_get_theme
  • Upgrade/Install: Updating plugins with WP6.1 creates .maintenance file and leaves it
  • Upgrade/Install: An unupdated Version of Gutenberg Fatally breaks the site on WordPress 6.1 Autoupdate
  • Users: cache_users() not defined when calling get_user without field parameter or using all_with_meta or all
  • Post Featured Image: Fix height/scale overwriting border inline styles
  • Fluid typography: add font size constraints
  • Allow direct selection of nested Page List block by avoiding dual rendering within block
  • Fix popover deprecations
  • Components: Refactor ColorPalette tests to @testing-library/react
  • Convert the ColorPalette component to TypeScript
  • List v2: fix migration when nested list is invalid
  • Link to homeUrl from site editor view menu.
  • Table Block: Apply borders and padding on both front end and editor
  • Change the order of the pseudo-states in the pseudo selectors array
  • Do not look for block variants, if not supporting block-templates
  • Restore the empty paragraph inserter
  • Cover: Avoid content loss when the templateLock value is all or contentOnly
  • List: disable nested list drop zone so dropping list items works
  • Switch background color to text color on block separator
  • [WP6.1.1] AutoComplete: Revert to event.keyCode to fix IME composition issue
  • [WP6.1.1] FormTokenField: Revert to event.keyCode to fix IME composition issue
  • Fluid typography: adjust font size min and max rules

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