How To Preview WordPress Blog On Your Phone

How To Preview WordPress Blog On Your Phone

Testing your WordPress blog on multiple device sizes is super important. Almost 60% of all web traffic comes from the phone, and a bad experience will get people to leave your website faster than ever.

The simplest way to preview your different pages and posts on the phone is to simply click the preview button when editing a post or page, and then choose mobile and click preview in a new tab.

Now, this is the most straightforward way of doing it. If you want to actually preview it on your phone, then keep reading where I go through 4 different methods of how you can test your WordPress blog on your phone.

How To Preview Your WordPress Blog Via The App

WordPress has made an app for both Android and iOS. They have been updated a lot recently, which makes them perfect companions if you’re running a WordPress website. You can download the apps on the buttons.

After you have connected your WordPress website to the app, click on posts or pages to preview them on your phone. Click on the page or post you wish to preview, and then click on the 3 dots in the top right corner, then click preview.

wordpress app preview

How To Preview Your WordPress Blog Via The Browser

Whatever browser you work with your WordPress website in, you can use the preview function. It’s built-in to WordPress, and if you don’t use a page builder, then you find it up to the right next to the publish button.

preview function wordpress

You can choose to preview on desktop, tablet or mobile. It’s always a good idea to check all 3, to make sure your content looks good on all screen sizes, so then we avoid losing traffic because of the user experience.

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It will open up a new window where you can see how it looks for your visitors. Now an awesome feature is that this window will update itself. So if you make changes to the WordPress page or post, then your preview window will automatically update itself.

How To Preview Your WordPress Blog Via Your Phone

Now, if you want to test it directly on your phone to get a sense of your page’s UX, then this is also possible. With your phone, open up a new browser window and go to your WordPress website admin, and sign in.

Then you have the same admin dashboard as on your computer, and you just click in the menu to the page or post you wish to preview. Edit the post, and then you will have the preview function again on the top.

By clicking on it, it will automatically open up a new window on your phone where you can see what it looks like on your phone.

wordpress on the phone

If you make changes on your desktop while being on your phone, then these changes won’t reflect automatically. You will have to manually refresh your browser on your phone.


How To Fix: We Received a 403 Trying To Access Your Site’s XMLRPC endpoint

This is a common error you will get while trying to connect the WordPress app to your website. You can fix this by adding the following line of code to your functions.php: add_filter ( ‘xmlrpc_enabled’, ‘__return_false’ );

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